Our servers

We provide round-the-clock support for our servers in several games, as well as hosting them in several countries to reduce latency.

Garry's Mod

Despite the lack of a clear thematic and storyline, the Garry's Mod game is very popular among fans of products on Source® engine. Thanks to the plugins hosted in Steam® Workshop, you can use different game modes by installing them yourself or visiting our servers. Experience the role of a prop hunter, a builder with a gravity gun, or turn into a tin can running away from the seekers. We also suggest you to play on our classic servers with extremely fast loading.

Team Fortress 2

This is the game that blew up the community of gamers in 2008 and continues to give players a pleasant experience thanks to the presence of community servers, which include projects of the Ultimate Battles network, designed to revive classic scenarios. You are guaranteed to appreciate the features provided thanks to smart bots that simulate the behavior of real people. Maps with different game modes are available.


You will enjoy this game with an unusual representation of the world-famous shooter that set the standard for the coming decades. You will find a multiplayer game with a top view with support for several, even the most unusual modes and the presence of a friendly community. We offer you servers of different types — from classic scenarios with the laying of bombs to crazy Deathmatches with unusual weapons in the form of grenade launchers, flamethrowers and others.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Despite the many official servers in CS:GO by Valve, we offer improved matchmaking servers thanks to increased tickrates, reduced latency and increased protection against cheats. Also we provide servers with custom plugins and game modes, such as GunGame, Hack vs Hack, HeadShot-only, AWP sniping, Deagle legends and others.

Private servers

We understand that user needs are growing, so we offer premium servers that feature more game modes, add-ons and maps. You will like playing on them because of reduced latency, improved perfomance and higher tickrates. You can use private features for free or for a payment.

There are three ways to get an access, you can choose any:
  • get a direct invite from the administration
  • purchase a subscription and pay €20.00 per month
  • boost our server with Discord Nitro®

Servers are protected by reliable anti-cheats and have advanced levels of DDoS protection, which protects users from unpleasant aspects of the game. We also test extensions on premium servers, which means that subscription users can use plugins before others. All installed addons are instantly updated to the latest versions.

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What do we offer

Playing on our servers will bring you positive emotions as we instantly block toxic users with strict return requirements.
Contacting our team of moderators is possible in-game or, if none of the Ultimate Battles team members are online, via Discord or other communication methods described on this page.

Available 24/7

Our servers are running on stable operating systems that are installed on VPS by reliable hosting-providers certified in EU and Russia.

Located in Tier 2 and Tier 3

Dedicated servers on which VPS are installed are located in TIER-II and TIER-III datacenters, this explains high fault tolerance.

Wide geography

Being aimed at a wide audience, we control servers in a few countries in Europe. This helps you choose a server with low latency.


Plugins protect servers from unexpected shutdowns, and if a crash occurs, the servers will automatically restart within two minutes.


You can discuss the gameplay in text and voice channels on our Discord server, which is available in English.

In-game purchases

The ability to buy in-game is presented on the servers in GMod — just click on the F6 button or type /donate while online.