The game project's own online store is in the closed beta testing stage, within which hundreds of products will be available in the form of digital keys and gifts, privileges on servers, and configurations packs. Support for multiple currencies and over 10 payment methods is planned, you can test the capabilities today.

Ultimate Shop is a private product to which you can get access after making a donation costs as minimum €1.00 or getting a direct invite from administration — we give an access for free for gamers, who plays on Ultimate Battles since 2018.

As soon as closed BETA-test will over, you will be able to visit the Shop for free.

In this case, you should visit and sign in using login and password you've got. Authorization may be required twice because of HTTPS bugs features.

Contact us

You can contact us at any time — even if we are offline at the time of sending your request, we will still consider it as soon as we get the opportunity. Please note that applications must be submitted in Russian or English, as otherwise we will not be able to review the information you provided. Ways to communicate with us are located .

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