Servers are the main part of the Ultimate Battles game project, which is a good way to spend your free time in a friendly atmosphere, without having deposit mandatory. We actively support this product, you can get answers to frequently questions in this section.

General questions

In this section, we have collected answers to questions that relate to the servers of the game project as a whole or several games at the same time. To navigate through individual games, click on their names.

Currently, our servers are located in Europe, but we plan host some servers in North America later.

We purchase virtual private and game-ready servers depending on our purposes. All dedicated servers are located in TIER-Ⅱ and TIER-Ⅲ datacentres.

Contact us

You can contact us at any time — even if we are offline at the time of sending your request, we will still consider it as soon as we get the opportunity. Please note that applications must be submitted in Russian or English, as otherwise we will not be able to review the information you provided. Ways to communicate with us are located .

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