Miro whiteboard

To optimize saving of ideas we use Miro whiteboard, which is provided for free. This platform allows us to more competently approach the recording of ideas and not forget about the desired changes. Despite the fact that only the team of project moderators have access to it, we still add information from users. In the future, we plan to open access to the whiteboard for all beta testers and make it read-only for regular users.


Currently, only the team of project moderators has access to the whiteboard, so the given instructions are irrelevant for beta testers and ordinary users. We plan to expand access for beta testers in the future.

At one fine day you've received a message with asking you to provide email address in a reply to give you access to the whiteboard in Miro? The stars have come together right above you — now you can get the opportunity to watch the changes and write plans about development of the project in real time. So all you have to do is give your email in reply and wait for a message with invitation link, after that just sign up in Miro by classic method or with social networks. Easy, peasy, quick and breezy!

The link to our board is . Despite the openness of the link, you cannot edit and view the board at the moment without receiving an invitation.

Contact us

You can contact us at any time — even if we are offline at the time of sending your request, we will still consider it as soon as we get the opportunity. Please note that applications must be submitted in Russian or English, as otherwise we will not be able to review the information you provided. Ways to communicate with us are located .

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