The community forum is a place where some users help others for free, and the most active participants can expect to get the role of an expert and, probably, a project moderator.

The forum is already here! Since 14.12.2020 you are able to register on our forum, why not to do it now? The registration proccess is pretty simple!

To register, click here and then fill in all the required fields. You will receive an email containing the details for completing the stage. Please note that some functions are available without creating an account, such as writing responses in topics in certain sections or creating your own threads.

We do not set clear criteria for candidates for the role of experts, selecting users who give the most useful answers with minimal delays after writing the question. This means that the expert status is not issued automatically when a certain number of messages are reached, and it may also be temporarily unavailable for users.

No. Moreover, we do not accept requests from users on this issue and are engaged in independent selection of participants who deserve the status of an expert. This also means that we do not give any guarantees regarding this situation.

Moderator rights on the forum are granted to all users who have them in any projects of the Ultimate Battles network.

Contact us

You can contact us at any time — even if we are offline at the time of sending your request, we will still consider it as soon as we get the opportunity. Please note that applications must be submitted in Russian or English, as otherwise we will not be able to review the information you provided. Ways to communicate with us are located .

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