We use Discord® as the main platform to communicate with project participants. There are few voice and text channels on our server, feel free to chat in any of them keeping the rules in mind. Please note that in most cases we cannot help you with issues you've spotted using Discord application or website, you should contact Discord support instead or read their F.A.Q.

First of all, you should download Discord® on your Windows®, Linux®, macOS®, Android®, iOS® or start using it's web-version which is available here. Then, you should sign up with email or continue as anonymous user, but in this case you will lose your session after you'll close the tab. Specify the nickname, email and password. In addition, you may need to confirm your mobile phone by typing code you will get in SMS — no manual message sending required.

Then, you'll need to connect into our server, simply click here and click on the blue button. As soon as you join, please read the rules. You also can read them before connecting from the Discord invitation page located on our domain. No matter if you read them or not, you still take responsibility on actions you do all the time you're in Ultimate Battles Discord.

Rules of our Discord®-server are available in the #rules channel and can be reached on this page also.

If you've spotted content that violates our Discord®-server rules, please contact us. The fastest method is pinging someone from @General staff or @Game operators, and describing the problem with providing message link. If no moderators are online, you may try to ping @Mega sponsors, since they may mute other members in voice channels. If no staff online, please use this form.

You may need to report Discord® staff also, if the content violates the messenger rules. Please read this article and use this form.

We allow our members to broadcast, in most cases. To do this, you should select a free voice channel and connect it. All other steps are the same as in other servers and described in this article.

To distribute rights in Discord, we use roles that allow us to easily group users and grant them access to something.

  • @Members — default role, which is automatically given by Tatsu to all the participants who come and is never revokes. If you did not receive it, then there are problems with the bot and it will be issued manually later.
  • @Old pals — members who plays on Ultimate Battles servers since 2018.
  • @Sponsors — role given to users who donated any amount for the development of the Ultimate Battles project.
  • @Experts — users who always know the answers to other players' questions. They do not have the rights of moderators, but in most cases, they have a chance of becoming part of the project team.
  • @Mega sponsors — players who have donated as minimum €10 for network development. All users with this rules are @Sponsors also.
  • @Bots — programs designed to make life easier for humanity!
  • @Game operators — server moderators who operate game servers and has such rights in Discord also.
  • @TF2 operators — server moderators who operate game servers in Team Fortress 2 game and has such rights in Discord also. All members with this role are @Game operators too.
  • @GMod operators — server moderators who operate game servers in Garry's Mod game and has such rights in Discord also. All members with this role are @Game operators too.
  • @General staff — the highest role of moderators, have extended rights relative to other users.
  • @noob — 🌚

Contact us

You can contact us at any time — even if we are offline at the time of sending your request, we will still consider it as soon as we get the opportunity. Please note that applications must be submitted in Russian or English, as otherwise we will not be able to review the information you provided. Ways to communicate with us are located .