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Hello. This thread was created to help you understanding what do we mean by Bots.

Chat bots and Voice assistants
Closer to the New year 2020, in the Steam group we have posted news about plans to introduce bots that use the skills of voice assistants (in particular, it was planned to install compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa). At the moment, this feature is a low priority, since most of the efforts are focused on developing a new version of the website. A little later, there was news about an improved version of the bot, which is a multifunctional FAQ tool with a convenient search system. Its release is also in low priority and I'll let you know as soon something will be changed.

Discord bot
The Ultimate Discord bot is already available and can be used by everyone who is already a member of our Discord server. As my skills in writing in Python grow, I plan to reassign some of the tasks that are imposed on other bots to my own bot. Commands are specified with the $ prefix, and a list of all commands can be obtained through the $help command. You can't add this bot to other servers right now, and I can't guarantee that this will be possible in the future.

We do not provide support for other bots, such as Doge Bot, Tatsu and others. Please contact their developers if you need any help with their bots.

Discord webhooks
We use Discord Webhooks to quickly respond to certain user actions — for example, requests left using the feedback form are duplicated in a private Discord-channel intended only for moderators. Although we can't respond to requests using Discord Webhooks, this feature significantly increases the speed of the request transition to work. Regular users cannot access the list of webhooks, and all interactions related to the site + Discord Webhooks are performed on the server side, which eliminates the possibility of spam and flooding.