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Ultimate Battles

Here you will find answers to the most interesting questions.

Who are you?
> We are the UltimateBattles project. Make people happy by providing gameservers works 24/7.
How can I contact you?
> Communication with us is available by e-mail:ultimate.battles@bk.ru. Also our moderators may be online in Discord.
How to donate?
> You can support us using a script on the GMod server, as well as requesting an individual link via email.
Is this a new domain?
> Yes. The cost of extending the past domain was unreasonably high.
Where can I play on your server?
> Our servers are already available in the following games: GMod and Team Fortress 2.
I remember someone made a new design of the project site. What's now with it?
> It was just awful and extremely inconvenient to use. In addition, it was written in ASPX, which requires Windows hosting. It is very expensive.

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