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part of community.
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Find teammates online

There are text and voice channels for every game we host our servers, come and check who can become your mate or an enemy. Any language allowed in the #international chat and voice channels, meanwhile other chats are English-only.

Clear rules: you're able to understand which behaviour is acceptable in one click: just come and see the content of the #rules channel. No age restrictions: we don't any barriers which are not described in the Discord ToS.

All channels are being moderated. Guaranteed: no toxic behaviour from any users, even if they are staff's old pals or members.

Ultimatively fast support

We promise: contact anyone from our staff in our Discord server is the fastest way to get help from us. Available everyday: just find someone with the @General staff or @Game operators role to get an answer fastly.

You're able to check other methods to contact us, if required. For example, such solutions as the chat button in the lower right corner or our feedback form are acceptable too!

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Incredible high-IQ wars

Come and check all holy wars in which you can participate, but only if you wa-a-a-a-ant it.

Would you like to wait when there will be a topic in where you're good at or you just want to start long discussions — no matter, members of the Discord server will be always happy to chat. But still no toxic behaviour: our moderators team will remove messages which can be described as offensive or hurtful, okay?

Enjoy the freedom with…
no topic restrictions.
We accept all non-toxic content which does not violates the rules.
As for now,
11 members are online.
Come and say hi, hola, aloha, привет, 你好, hilsen, こんにちは, Sveiki, etc…
More cool things:
Own bot Computers are being human… and they can become your friends.
Nitro boost You can boost our server with Discord Nitro.
Updates & announcements Rapidly get information about fresh events!
Different roles For technical reasons, moderation and just for fun. :-)
All ages accepted Only if you follow the Discord rule: 13 or older.
Beta tests We do private experiments in which some members can participate.
Some statistics Currently, 11 members are online in our Discord server. Come and say „hi”, people will answer (most likely).
Are you ready to start?
We'll teleport you rapidly after you'll click.
Before you'll continue…
  • join only if your age is OK for the COPPA / other law
  • don't click the button if your behaviour is toxic
  • make sure that you have a Discord account =)
…and something more
  • read the terms you will see in the #rules channel
  • do not insult people and bots, they're cool guys & girls & AI, etc
  • less advertises: community will glad to see your hobby but hates ads
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to our server boosters:
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