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Find out who we are, how it all started, and why all this mess is still going on! I-don't-know-how-to-write-descriptions-for-titles! And if you're looking for F.A.Q, please click on that amazing white button below.

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Screenshot from CnC Renegade game and logo of the .fun domain
Firstly, Ultimate Battles website was available on the .fun domain and contained just one server in CnC Renegade.
Some history…

The project was opened on March 31, 2018, when the classic server in the game CnC Renegade was launched, using built-in maps and a minimal package of plugins. The growing interest in servers from the user community has led to the emergence of our own developments and improved interaction with IRC networks.

As time went on, the path of Ultimate Battles was not so simple that it could fit in two paragraphs. In the summer of 2019, the game servers were re-opened, this time in the game Team Fortress 2. Further development led to the appearance of serers in games such as: Garry's Mod, CS2D, CS:GO. We continue to work in this direction and communicate with users through our Discord server.


Now the project should grow, but there is neither time nor money to implement all the desired aspects. Ultimate Battles is not my main source of income, nor is it a way to earn money at all. This is my hobby, so I devote some time to it among my free hours from work. This does not mean that updates will not appear at all, but to speed up the implementation of most of them, I will have to sacrifice something in real life.

You can also make a donation to help me offset the costs required to keep the servers running. Please note that users who have deposited money will not be left without attention — in the Discord server, a special role is assigned for this activity, and sponsors become the third participants in beta testing after moderators and users who have been with us since 2018.

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