International game community

The Ultimate Battles game project was opened in 2018, during our work we managed to accept over 10,000 players from around the world. Our servers are located in the best data centers in Russia and the European Union, a high connection speed provides a comfortable connection for residents of other continents — we are glad to see guests from America, Africa, Australia and others among our users.

Contribute in beta

This page is a part of beta test, you can consider by using our Miro whiteboard! Please note that at the moment you'll need an invitation link to get an access to the board, but soon this will be open for all beta-testers and can be readen by regular users, please contact us in Discord to get an invite. Thanks!


Strict Anti-Cheat

Servers are protected by plug-ins which check users info on server-side without FPS reduces and help regular gamers to play in comfort.

Small latencies

VDS we use are located in best data centres of Europe and North America, you can have fun playing with low delays thanks to high connection speed.

Different gamemodes

Explore best game modes from classic Bomb & Defuse in CS:GO to impossible interesting fun maps in CS2D. No need to manually install addons, just connect & play!

New addons

Addons available in game are updated to the last stable releases to provide best gaming experience and fastest loading.

Large map variety

Move from the hot tropics to the Arctic desert, from space to water — users can play on maps of different locations and themes.

Community products

On some servers, the available models, maps, and plug-ins are represented by community products whose creators receive player ratings.

Available in
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Ultimate Discord

Communicate with several dozen gamers like you and also get the opportunity to contact the project team directly to find out the exact information about the planned changes. Don't forget to check out the voice channels that are divided by games and have a high bitrate for maximum audio quality. Get a special role by donating to us, or continue using Discord for free. Bots present on the server, including our own, will make your chat brighter.